Automotive Author: EqualOcean News, Yaru Yang Editor: Jiahao Yang Apr 19, 2021 01:23 PM (GMT+8)

On April 19, He Xiaopeng, the founder of Xiaopeng Auto, attended the 2021 Shanghai International Automotive Exhibition, appearing along with the Xiaopeng P5.

Xiaopeng automobile

As the third product to launch since being established, Xiaopeng P5 is the world's first mass-produced intelligent car equipped with lidars.

At the press conference, He Xiaopeng described the product in detail and announced the start of official sales registration for Xiaopeng P5.

In addition, the car Xiaopeng P7, with super long-endurance, SUV Xiaopeng G3, with very long battery life, and the fourth generation of intelligent electric aircraft Voyager X1 also debuted at the same time. 

Currently, Voyager X1 is mainly used for air travel, emergency rescue, air sightseeing, and other scenes. Taking intelligence as the origin, Xiaopeng Auto will continue to explore 'ground vehicle scene ecology + three-dimensional transportation.'

Specifically, Xiaopeng P5 emphasizes the attribute of 23-hour intelligent third space: as the world's first mass-produced vehicle equipped with lidars, Xiaopeng P5 breaks through the original definition of vehicle space function and creates a 'third space' besides living space and working space, providing users with more abundant car-using experiences in addition to the existing vehicle usage scenarios.

On Xiaopeng P5, you can turn on sleep mode and cinema mode as well as 18L ample space intelligent vehicle-controlled refrigerator and 220V external discharge function.

In terms of performance in intelligence, the Xpilot autopilot assistance system has also entered the Xpilot 3.5 era with 13 high-definition cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, two vehicle-sized lidars, a total of 32 sensors, and a group of high-precision positioning units (GNSS + IMU). With such cutting-edge devices, this model realizes dual fused perception of environmental vision and 360° radar, which enhances the detection of pedestrians, static obstacles, and small objects and covers more complex scenes such as night, weak light, backlight, and light-dark alternation in tunnels.

In addition to the high-speed NGP, Xiaopeng P5 also added the urban NGP function, which can assist drivers in performing driving tasks according to the navigation route with traffic capacity at the traffic light intersection, overtaking, customized following, roundabout, dynamical and automatical speed adjustment according to road conditions.

In regards to the design of the intelligent cockpit, it is the first time for this level of product to carry out the standard vehicle chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P. The whole system is strengthened with the latest Xmart OS 3.0 on-board intelligent system. Xiaopeng P5 will create a smart ecosystem, integrating more scenarios.

Xiaopeng P5 is expected to start delivery in the fourth quarter of 2021. He Xiaopeng announced at the press conference that Xiaopeng P5 would start booking right away. On Xiaopeng's app, official website, and WeChat app, users can book Xiaopeng P5 with CNY 99 first, and successful car owners will enjoy exclusive rights: priority to pick up the car (subject to the signing time of the contract) and life-long gift package that worth CNY 20,000, including free life-long battery charging, individual household charging pile, portable charging box and reverse charger.

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