Financials, Healthcare Author: Fuller Wang Aug 11, 2021 06:18 AM (GMT+8)

The medical financial company has been focusing on helping patients manage medical expenditures more efficiently since 2017.

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In August 2021, Meditrust Health raised CNY 2 billion on Series C, with Boyu capital, Lilly Asia Fund and CICC as the investors. As early as March this year, Meditrust Health announced that it had completed a series B financing and raised CNY 1 billion. The recent intensive financing events indicate an expansion plan for the company. In past financing processes, Meditrust Health also attracted a number of strategic shareholders, such as China Reinsurance and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group.

Founded in 2017, Meditrust Health has been committed to helping patients solve the problem of out-of-pocket medical payments through financial and insurance measures, and helping patients manage medical expenditure more efficiently. It focuses on medical payment services in the field of new and special drugs and provides a full range of patient financial staging services. The company not only reduces the overall payment expenses of patients through package purchase of treatment courses but also reduces the cash flow pressure of patients through installment payment and equipment leasing.

So far, Meditrust Health's Yaokangfu platform has reached cooperation with more than 50 pharmaceutical enterprises and established more than 2,000 DTP pharmacies in China. The company's business covers more than 400 cities across the country and serves more than millions of patients with tumors, chronic diseases and rare diseases. According to people familiar with the matter, Meditrust Health's internal revenue forecast this year is close to CNY 1 billion and plans to start the listing process by the end of this year.

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