Kingsoft Cloud Announces Q2 2021 Financial Results

Technology Author: 唐楠 Editor: 张宇喆 Aug 26, 2021 08:00 AM (GMT+8)

In Q2 2021, the company generated CNY 2.2 billion in revenue, with a year-on-year increase of 41.6%.

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 According to Kingsoft Cloud's Q2 2021 financial announcement:

- Revenue rose by 41.6%, reaching CNY 2.2 billion.

- Gross profit hit CNY 119 million, representing a 46.8% growth.

- The gross profit margin was 5.5%, compared with 5.3% in the same period of 2020.

- Among the company's major businesses, its public cloud services recorded CNY 1.6 billion in revenue, reporting an increase of 20.5%; the revenue for its enterprise cloud was CNY 622 million, which extended 152.8%; and other businesses generated CNY 800,000.

- During the reporting period, Kingsoft Cloud's cost was CNY 2.1 billion, showing a growth of 41.3%; IDC cost hit CNY 1.3 billion, representing an increase of 28.3%; and the depreciation and amortization cost recorded CNY 183 million, which was a decline by 15.8%.

- Moreover, the firm's sales and marketing expenses reached CNY 96.1 million, with a decrease of 12.5%; its administrative expenditure was CNY 111 million, showing a decline of 35.1%; and its R&D expense recorded CNY 232.3 million.

- Healthcare field: the company adopted a customized project strategy in the Hubei Healthcare Data Center and Public Health Emergency Management Platform – a sub-project for constructing a healthcare data center and application support. 

- Financial field: Kingsoft Cloud assisted in constructing Shandong Provincial Supply Chain Financial Platform 'Taifuxin.' At present, the firm has served nearly half of the large state-owned banks, accounting for 60% of the top 10 banks in China.

- Public services: the company successfully won the selection project to prepare the top-level design for the housing and urban-rural construction information center, helping it improve its information technology and business operating system.