Technology Author: Qasim Khan Editor: 张宇喆 Sep 28, 2021 04:30 PM (GMT+8)

Hestia Power has recently also obtained more than 40 invention patents related to NEV charging piles, photovoltaic inverter, communication power supply, high-end server power supply, energy storage, industrial power supply, high-speed railway and aerospace.

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The investors of this round of financing include old shareholders SAIC and Shenzhen Inovance Tech with CATL, GAC capital, SDIC investment promotion as new investors.

According to the firm it plans to continue to focus on the silicon carbide track and contribute to the development of the third generation semiconductors.

Meanwhile, the registered capital of Hestia increased from CNY 160 million to CNY 192 million, an increase of about 20%.

has unique technology and ability with self-owned intellectual properties, focus on design and solution providing.

Hestia Power is committed to R&D and production of the third-generation Wide Band-Gap power semiconductor power devices and power modules. It is also a domestic company that can produce vehicle scale silicon carbide MOS tubes and diodes on a large scale and ship them to well-known customers all over the world.

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