Automotive Author: EqualOcean News, Yiru Qian Oct 12, 2021 03:46 PM (GMT+8)

Neusoft Reach will be committed to strengthening its R&D ability, enhancing competitiveness and further expanding market share.

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On the evening of October 11, Neusoft announced that its subsidiary, Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology, had completed the first round of financing of CNY 650 million, among which SDIC contributed CNY 600 million (i.e. 9.30% of stake) and Virtue Capital (i.e. 0.78% of share) accounted for the rest CNY 50 million.

The Autotech expressed that it will continue to strengthen its ability in the research and development NeuSAR, driver-assistance technology and self-driving, aiming to further enhance product competitiveness and expand market share.

Founded in 1991, Neusoft Group was China's first listed software company. It is a leading IT solutions and service provider, covering smart cities, healthcare, smart car connectivity and software products and services.

In November 2015, Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology was founded as a co-investment of Neusoft Group Ltd., Alpine Electronics (China) Ltd. The total registered capital is 1.3 billion, with a ratio of 35.88% for Neusoft, 34.12% for Alpine Electronics, and 30% for others. As an automotive industry innovation company, Neusoft Reach is committed to providing products, key technologies and overall solutions to vehicle companies and automotive platforms.

The main products include a new energy vehicle power battery system, intelligent charging system and advanced auxiliary driving system. Its self-developed automotive basic software platform product 'NeuSAR' is compatible with the latest version of AUTOSAR standards, which supports both traditional ECU development and a variety of basic software, middleware and development tools for software development based on domain controllers and new E/E architecture. It is widely used in the next generation of architecture of self-driving, intelligent driving, chassis power, body control and other domain control systems.

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