Technology Author: EqualOcean News Nov 16, 2021 04:59 PM (GMT+8)

The company has completed five rounds of financing, of which the latest one was a CNY 100 million Series B led by Blue Lake Capital.


Thinking Data said that the company will increase investment in new product development, service upgrades, overseas expansion and team building. Their next goal is to build a new data infrastructure for the global gaming industry.

The company was established in 2015. Its main business is to provide customers with integrated solutions from data collection, storage modeling, data analysis and display design.

At the tool level, in November 2017, Thinking Analytics ('TA system') is an integrated solution covering "data acquisition-storage modeling-real-time calculation-analysis and display".

The technology firm hopes to use the TA system as a carrier to bring customized solutions for various sub-categories of games and create a knowledge center dedicated to the game industry. At the same time, as the link between game manufacturers and players, Thinking Data also hopes that more partners will join in, and together create greater value for the gaming industry.

The 'Gaming Big Data Analysis' written by a team of digital science and technology experts will be published in 2022. The analysis report presents the value of data analysis and hopes to provide guidance for game data analysis practitioners to master correct data awareness and analytic methods.