Tencent Launches ACG Developing Center in Hainan

Technology Author: EqualOcean News, Enoch Gao Editor: Luke Sheehan Dec 07, 2021 10:52 AM (GMT+8)

Wuduan Hainan, an 'Animation, Comics and Games' development company controlled by Tencent, was incorporated in Hainan on December 6.


Wuduan Hainan was a branch company of Wuduan Technology, a gaming company founded in 2010. On November 20, 2020, Tencent invested in the latter and held 27.01% of its share. The parent company's businesses focus on gaming development, and the branch company, according to QCC.com, expands its services to the entire ACG industry. 

The sensational and successful launch of Genshen Impact inspired Tencent to realize the value of ACG-infused RPG games. In November 2021, Tencent released an RPG game within the genre, yet the performance was not impressive by any means. 

Nonetheless, the incorporation of Wudan Hainan signals that Tencent is yet to give up on discovering ways to jump aboard the ACG express. Investors may keep watching their endeavors in related fields to spy opportunities.