Global Path of Chinese Video Games' Business Expansion

Technology, Communication Author: Niko Yang Editor: Luke Sheehan Dec 30, 2021 03:24 PM (GMT+8)
Global Path of Chinese Video Games' Business Expansion Learn more

Mobile games now account for 51% of the global video gaming market's revenue.


China's video gaming industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Although the development of game giants such as Tencent, miHoYo and Lilith Games has been impacted by the recent tech crackdown, the pace of their overseas expansion has been getting faster in the past years. In September 2021, according to Sensor Tower, there were 39 Chinese companies on the global top 100 publishers list. These companies generated USD 2.5 billion in revenue, or 42% of the 100's total.

The new EqualOcean report analyzes the history of Chinese mobile companies' global expansion, featuring the biggest trends that could decide the future of Chinese companies' international businesses.

At a glance

The report is divided into three parts.

Genesis, market forces and strategies

We look into Chinese gaming companies' global development, regulatory environment, game developing process and major moves made by top players in the field during the COVID-19 period.


A new wave of cultural export

In the past years, Chinese games have started taking the responsibility of spreading Chinese traditional culture. As products by American and Japanese companies have shown, games have a unique advantage as the medium for 'exporting' culture.

A reactive, urgent step outside

China's watchdogs have suspended game publishing licenses as one of the measures to curb tech giants' influence. The local game developers are thereby seeking to launch their businesses in other markets.


For more details, you can purchase the report at, or access it through other platforms like Bloomberg Terminal (wire EOI), Dow Jones Factiva, or Refinitiv.