Communication, Technology Author: Sasha Chen Apr 07, 2022 10:53 PM (GMT+8)

On April 7, one of China’s leading cloud communication service providers, Shenzhen Montnets Technology Co., Ltd, announced that it recently signed a business partnership agreement with China’s telecom giant Huawei.


In the announcement, Huawei is responsible for building its KooMessage operation platform while Montnets will provide intelligent solutions and AIM+ capability in the cloud system. This partnership agreement will most likely engage with the process of preparing intelligent information terminals and enhancing the resolution capability of technical support for Huawei. Meanwhile, Montnets will receive substantial help from Huawei Cloud and its large customer base to enhance the business scale of the 5G network.

This cooperation will combine Montnets terminal resolution capability with the Huawei Cloud platform, as well as provide intelligent information services to Huawei Cloud’s B-end customers in the future. There is a high potential to rapidly develop a 5G network in China’s media and communications market.

For Montnets, this partnership has brought end-to-end new industrial opportunities. Specifically, the intelligent AIM+ services can not only provide multimedia content, such as images, audio, video, and location but also can support one-stop capabilities, including interaction and payment solutions.

These microservices can be distributed with the benefit of users to realize socialization without downloading applications separately. This integration has provided great convenience to end-users and low-cost solutions for various enterprises.

As the partnership continues, Montnets announced that it will develop the message-as-a-service model to provide new options for traffic entrance and facilitate new user habits. The company will also continue to improve its technology, experience, and service capabilities to serve more enterprises with the trend of digital transformation and upgrade.