Smart IT provider Weimei Health Raises Tens of Millions of CNY in Angel Funding

Healthcare, Financials Author: Jizhen Huang Editor: Siren CHEN May 11, 2022 03:41 PM (GMT+8)

Dedicated to hospital management informatization, Weimei Health provides intelligent solutions for the medical information industry. Its new generation of intelligent hospital management system integrates different directions of clinic workflows and makes it more intensive and systematic through integration and reconstruction.


Beijing Weimei Health Technology (Chinese: 卫美健康) announced the completion of tens of millions of CNY in an angel funding round recently. This round of financing was led by Tsinghua X-Lab, followed by individual investors.

The proceeds will be used to further promote the new generation of hospital intelligent management and operation platform, and to accelerate technology research and product development in the health big data field.

 Based on a large number of real hospital management application scenarios, Weimei Health combines digital twin and artificial intelligence technology to provide real-world, accurate and efficient information solutions.

In addition, through the construction of tens of millions of professional medical data and knowledge, Weimei Health has mastered the core technologies of computer vision, natural language processing, and knowledge graph. It has established a comprehensive solution involving AI health prediction, intelligent intervention, and health management systems.

To date, Weimei Health has cooperated strategically with several well-known tertiary hospitals.

China’s health care spending as a percentage of the GDP has increased nearly every year, the state vigorously promotes the diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) payment system and diagnosis-intervention packet (DIP) (a new patient classification-based payment system). The reform of the health insurance payment methods requires a complete electronic medical record system and health data analytics support, which is expected to drive the rapid development of the smart healthcare industry.

“We believe that the upgrading of hospital management informatization is a long-term trend,” commented Tsinghua X-Lab investor, “The construction of smart hospitals not only conforms to Chinese development policies but also improves value and efficiency in hospitals.”

Weimei Health’s main competitors include Winning Health Technology (Chinese: 卫宁健康, SHE:300253), AIDoc (Chinese: 讯飞医疗, SHE:002230), WeDoctor (Chinese: 微医).