Technology Author: Siyuan Yao Editor: Yijuan Li May 21, 2022 02:29 PM (GMT+8)

With the development of new energy industry, huge opportunities existed in vehicle electrification under different mobile scenarios, and construction machinery is one of the largest potential markets


Intelligent mining truck manufacturer Easymove (Chinese: 铱钼智能) has closed an angel financing round worth tens of millions of CNY.

The investment was led by Bluerun, followed by Vertex Ventures. The proceeds will be used to develop 200-ton mining trucks, lay out production, test working conditions and build production personnel.

In the market worth hundreds of billions of CNY, Easymove anchored in mining area and provided support for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and green mines, said Xia Zhijin, general partner of Vertex Ventures. New energy and large scale will be important in mining equipment. However, the conversion of traditional vehicle from oil to electricity can’t meet the needs of transportation efficiency, said Xia.

He also noted that heavy-load imported equipment often requires a large amount of investment and it poses difficulties in maintaining post-sale customer relationship. To address the issues, Easymove developed the 200-ton mining trucks and the core electric systems, filling the market gap and localizing the components.

Founded in July 2021, Easymove is a new-energy engineering tech firm that integrated R&D, design, production and sales, providing mining transportation services. The company plans to launch mining trucks carried a load more than 300 tons for extra-large mines in the future.

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