Ophthalmological Medtech Startup Raises Tens of Mns of CNY in Series C Funding

Financials, Healthcare Author: Jizhen Huang May 23, 2022 04:18 PM (GMT+8)

Founded in 2011, Suzhou Microclear Medical is engaged in the ophthalmology and optometry imaging field. Microclear integrates self-developed components with artificial intelligence technology to provide high-quality devices and services for hospitals and basic medical institutes across the world.

Ophthalmology Department

Suzhou Microclear Medical (Chinese: 苏州微清医疗) announced the completion of CNY tens of millions Series C financing round recently. This round of funding was exclusively backed by Dyee Capital (Chinese: 德屹资本). The proceeds will be used to advance the R&D processes and to promote sales of its ultra-wide-angle laser color imaging, and confocal imaging products.

Compared with traditional optical imaging, confocal laser technology is a point-to-point scan, that is, each "point" is a focus, and more subtle retinopathy and capillary function and morphology can be observed. The technology enables physicians to perform in-depth and detailed fundus detection for various diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma, retinal vascular disease, and macular degeneration.

Medical has developed products of CRO (Confocal Retina Ophthalmoscope), HFC (Handheld Fundus Camera), HSL (Handheld Slit Lamp), and VS (Vision Screener). Furthermore, Microclear has filed 46 patents and is applying for 3 PCT patents. The products have been distributed to over 30 countries and regions with FDA and CE approval.

Dr. Li Chaohong, the founder of Microclear Medical, is one of the top experts in optical imaging and ophthalmic imaging diagnostic engineering. He has a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the critical technology and product development of the world's leading ophthalmic medical devices.

"Currently, high-end ophthalmic diagnostic equipment is mainly monopolized by imported manufacturers, and few domestic enterprises are involved in the competitive landscape.”

Dr. Xiao Xinye of Dyee Capital commented on the technical capabilities of Microclear Medical, “We are delighted to see that the functional modules of some products have achieved global leading level, we are optimistic about the future performance of Microclear globally.”