IoT Firm Techphant Bags Nearly Hundreds of Mns of CNY in Series B+ Round

Technology Author: Siyuan Yao Editor: Yijuan Li May 26, 2022 11:06 PM (GMT+8)

TRUNB is positioned as a new metropolitan area IoT private network, based on a self-developed wireless IoT communication system. It can build an entire IoT sensing system to provide solutions for various vertical industries


IoT communication firm Techphant (Chinese: 技象科技) secured nearly hundreds of millions of CNY in a Series B+ financing round from Yuexiu Industrial Fund, Zhuhai District Fund and Poly Capital, among other institutions.

The proceeds will be used to develop core technology of TPUNB, a low-consumption wide-area IoT communication system, and construct a private network, including second-generation self-developed chips and transmission capacity of a communication network. Other purposes include expanding TRUNB products and market channels for different scenarios.

To solve the longstanding containment problem of IoT communication technology, Techphant focuses on the new-generation IoT communication technology and develops TPUNB.

Currently, TPUNB has three applications in the area of city private network, enterprise private network and point-to-point local area private network. It has been widely used in smart city, digital village, industrial IoT and other fields.

For example, the urban intelligent warning system based on TPUNB can realize real-time monitoring and intelligent early warning of hazards. It can connect hundreds of thousands of sensing terminals within a ten-kilometer radius, and improve the network transmission sensitivity through the enhancement of communication algorithm to make the data transmission smooth and anti-interference.

IoT represents a blue-ocean market worth trillion CNY, said Shen Shaolan, vice president of Techphant. In order to deal with the equipment fragmentation problem in IoT, the company is now actively carrying out cooperation with up-and-down stream partners along the industrial chain. It also harnesses the central position to promote the upgrade of industrial structure, said Shen.