Meiling Biology & Medical Releases Solutions to Overcome Biological Security Problems

Healthcare Author: Manyu Zhang Editor: Yiru Qian May 26, 2022 11:37 PM (GMT+8)

Meiling combines unique refrigeration expertise with IoT technology to provide global customers with safe, intelligent and efficient application scenarios

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Chinese household refrigerator manufacturer Changhong Meiling's (000521:SZ) subsidiary Zhongke Meiling Cryogenics (or Meiling Biology & Medical) released two major solutions, "Yunzhi'an and Yunyan'an", at the biomedical new product launch conference on May 25, to solve the problem of biosafety.

Under traditional technology, cross-infection, human error, and a low degree of automation can cause great potential risks to biosecurity.

The newly launched "Yunzhi'an" is set to solve the difficulties in the construction of automated biobank. The entire biobank consists of an intelligent control area, -20℃ tube picking work area, -80℃ temporary storage area, -20°C mechanical transmission area, -80°C storage area and external unit area. It can promote more automated and intelligent storage of samples.

On the other hand, Yunyan'an Lab Security Solution draws on digital intelligence and IoT technology to enable personnel management, equipment management, process monitoring and remote monitoring. The solution is designed to build a closed loop of information throughout the process.

The centrifuge and biosafety cabinet used in the Yunyan’an solution are also the new products. With the application of intelligent technology, it will greatly meet the needs of high-tech laboratories, front-end research institutes and national scientific experiment centers for biological storage.

The launch of the two major solutions of Meiling is not only a proof of its foothold in the biomedical market, but also a major turning point in the digital and intelligent upgrade of Meiling's biomedical product system.