Cha Latte Completed its Angel Round Financing Led by Cyanhill Capital

Consumer Staples Author: Sasha Chen Jun 01, 2022 01:23 AM (GMT+8)

On April 27, China’s instant coffee brand Cha Latte (花田萃) completed its Angel Round Financing worth hundreds of millions of USD led by Cyanhill Capital (青山资本).

cha latte

The Yunnan-based Chinese coffee brand Cha Latte rolled out Chinese-style flavored instant coffee. While coffee becomes one of the most popular beverage types in China, more and more young people are joining the coffee culture bandwagon. While having domestic competitors, such as Luckin Coffee, Pacific Coffee, GreyBox Coffee, and Coffee Box, Cha Latte differs itself from these rivals based on its unique characteristics and product selling points.

While intending to cater to every Chinese person's palette, Cha Latte created their three-in-one instant coffee that carries notes of various flowers and teas sources from Yunnan. One of its signature dinks include Red Robe Cha Latte, a type of rock tea originally from Fujian province.

Chinese consumers can purchase their instant coffee on Tmall and, two largest e-commerce platforms in China. Cha Latte's initiatives have been successful in creating specific blends of Chinese tea, coffee, and other milk beverages catering to the taste of Chinese customers.

The company indicated that among nearly 300 different combinations, it finally extracts around 10 sets of tea and fruit combinations to attract Chinese customers. Cha Latte shows that its major success relies on the adaption to China’s cultural traditions and preferences while many customers express their satisfactions with Yunnan-based coffee via online reviews.