Biotech Astrabio Nets Nearly CNY 100 Mn in Series A financing Round

Healthcare Author: Mingxia Ren Jun 30, 2022 12:23 AM (GMT+8)

Astrabio, specializing in the Single Molecule Counting technology, will continue to promote the revolution of the next-generation immunoassay technology by further accelerating the R&D and clinical translation of new biomarkers with the fresh proceeds.


Recently, Astrabio (Chinese: 宇测生物) completed a Series A financing round worth nearly CNY 100 million. The round was led by BioTrack Capital (Chinese: 博远资本), with the participation from Jianyi Capital (Chinese: 健壹资本) and the existing investor Puhua Capital (Chinese: 普华资本).

 The proceeds will be used to further complete the clinical translation of the closed-loop supply chain of new biomarkers’ clinical translation and accelerate the deep development of ultrasensitive detection of biomarkers.

 Owning Single Molecule Counting technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, Astrabio is able to deliver mass production with high throughput, excellent stability and easy access. Astrobio’s products pipelines also include reagent testing kits which cover the disease field of nerves, infectious diseases, tumors, cardiac muscles and inflammation.

 Founded in 2019, Astrabio is a biotech firm focusing on the industrialization of the Single Molecule Counting technology. With a research production center measured nearly 6,000 square meters, the company has become the first company in the country to receive medical devices approval for fully automated molecular diagnostics equipment recently.

 Astrabio’s competitors include Light Bio (Chinese: 光与生物), Iomics Biosciences (Chinese: 格物致和) and Axbio (Chinese: 安序源).