GCP ClinPlus Announces The Completion of A Funding Round Worth More Than CNY 100 Million

Healthcare Author: Fuller Wang, Yuanxi Ma Editor: Fuller Wang Jul 01, 2022 02:18 PM (GMT+8)

​GCP ClinPlus has announced the completion of a CNY 100 million funding round. Tigermed (普瑞盛医药)led this round of financing, which was followed by 博荃百飞 and 杭州玖月创业投资.

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GCP ClinPlus, founded in 2010, is a contract research organization that provides drug development assessments and counselling, medical equipment reisgiteration adisovry, training for medical professionals and clinical trial conduct, data management and analysis in cardiology, oncology, neurology and psychiatry, hepatology, and ophthalmology.

GCP ClinPlus has many years of industry experience as well as a set of well-established service standards, both of which stem from its predecessor, Beijing DMS pharma ltd., which was founded in 2003. GCP ClinPlus has assembled a business team capable of significantly improving the quality and efficacy of clinical trials. GCP CLi has now participated in over 140 clinical trial programs and assisted in the launch of multiple products. GCP Clinical is now overseeing over 1800 clinical research programs, including a large-scale program with over 20,000 participants.

Contract research organization servicers have always been a key focus area for Tigermed, the round's lead investor. GCP possesses highly regarded technical expertise and management experience, as well as a high-caliber team that demonstrates great responsibility and dedication. Tigermed is eager to begin collaborating with GCP soon in order to facilitate the research and development of a novel drug in China.

GCP Clinical will use this funding to expand its team, develop new products, and market.