GD-Micromach Completes a Nearly CNY 200 Million Round of Funding

Technology, Industrials Author: Fuller Wang, Yuanxi Ma Editor: Fuller Wang Jul 08, 2022 04:29 PM (GMT+8)

GD-Micromach has completed a nearly CNY 200 million round of funding. This round of funding was led by the National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrade Fund Co., Ltd. Sunrise Investment made a subsequent investment.

laser cutting

GD-Micromach intends to use this funding to develop cutting-edge laser-assisted extreme manufacturing technologies and equipment, facilitating the autonomization and localization of high-end laser machines and their critical components; to expand its application in extreme manufacturing, such as in the development of aerospace plane propulsion systems, stealth aircraft, and electronic packaging; to assist in the fulfillment of major strategic goals and to aid in the development of sustainable economies, and to assist in the fulfillment of major strategic goals and to aid in the development

The company was founded in 2015 and was incubated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics. With nearly ten years of experience in laser-assisted extreme manufacturing, GD-Micromach is a Femtosecond laser equipment manufacturer focused on providing ultrafine and low Damage Processing solutions.

GD-Micromach has overcome several obstacles on the path to femtosecond laser and developed femtosecond laser equipment that can be used in replament of similar products. Notably, it successfully completed the low damage processing of the critical part in aerospace plane propulsion systems. GD operates in cities such as Guangdong, Beijing, and Shanghai and is expanding into the international market from its base in Germany.