China Immunotech Raised more than CNY 300 Mn in Series B+ Financing Round

Healthcare Author: Mingxia Ren Jul 19, 2022 09:26 PM (GMT+8)

Biotech firm China Immunotech, devoted to the development and commercialization of cellular immunotherapy products, will continue to satisfy unmet clinical needs of end-stage cancers with the fresh proceeds.

China Immunotech

Biotech company China Immunotech (Chinese: 华夏英泰) announced its completion of the Series B+ financing round worth over CNY 300 million on 18 July. This round was led by TH Capital (Chinese: 华控基金), with the participation from the existing investors Hankang Capital (Chinese: 汉康资本) and Lotus Lake Capital (Chinese: 荷塘创投). StartPointAdvisors (Chinese: 行远致同) continues to be the financial advisor for this round.

The funding will be used to accelerate the development of clinical trials for the company's innovative immunotherapy drugs and the commercialization of its products.

Founded in 2018, China Immunotech is dedicated to advance biopharmaceutical research and development. The company focuses on developing and commercializing cellular immunotherapy products for cancer and other diseases. The STAR-T and enTCR-T are the two unique core technology platforms developed by China Immunotech. The STAR-T platform helps to improve the survival time of T cells in vivo and reduce T cell depletion as a result of preventing target escape and tumor recurrence. The enTCR-T platform is made for complete antigen epitope prediction, multi HLA tetramer preparation, high-throughput T cell receptor screening and identification.

The company's competitors include JW Therapeutics (Chinese: 药明巨诺), Immunotech Biopharm (Chinese: 永泰生物) and CARsgen (Chinese: 科济生物).