UTG Producer SEED Bags nearly CNY 100 million in Series B

Technology Author: Guoyan Wu Aug 02, 2022 12:12 PM (GMT+8)

SEED has developed a chemical cutting technique, FLCE (Full Liquefaction Chemical Etching), which greatly shortens the manufacturing process of ultra-thin glass and improves the yield rate to over 90%, providing favorable conditions for mass production and cost reduction.

ultra-thin glass

SEED (Chinese: 赛德) attained nearly CNY 100 million in Series B, led by Zheda Youchuang (Chinese: 浙大友创) and JZ Capital (Chinese: 九智资本), with participation from Alpview Capital (Chinese: 瓴峰资本) and CMBC Fund (Chinese: 瓴峰基金). The proceeds will be used to improve production supporting equipment.

SEED’s main product is Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG), which is the base material for flexible display. SEED provides ultra-thin glass in accordance with the screen sizes required by downstream companies. Then the glass will be processed by screen factories into display modules, and later handed over to terminal factories for application in folding cell phones, folding notebooks and flexible vehicles.

According to Xiaoju Wang(Chinese: 王孝锔), the founder of Zhengda Youchuang, there is little room for creativity in the form of traditional cell phones. The flexible folding form has become the new trend. SEED is responding to various folding forms and advancing the research and development of the extreme performance of materials.

At present, SEED has successfully mass produced ultra-thin glass, with a monthly capacity of millions. The company has entered the supply chain system of OPPO and CSOT. SEED also exports its products to foreign countries, with a shipment volume of about 24k.

Other UTG players include Kaisheng Technology (Chinese: 凯盛科技), Token (Chinese: 长信科技) and WG Tech (Chinese: 沃格光电).