Trautec Medical Raises Nearly CNY 200 Mn in Series A Financing Round

Healthcare Author: Mingxia Ren Aug 12, 2022 06:12 PM (GMT+8)

Trautec Medical, dedicated to developing and producing recombinant collagen-based biomaterials, will continue to focus on the innovation of biomaterials and strive to integrate resources from all sides.


Trautec Medical (Chinese: 创健医疗) announced its completion of the Series A equity financing round worth nearly CNY 200 million. The round was led by Ziyue Funding (Chinese: 资悦基金), with the participation from Huafang Asset Management (Chinese: 华方资本), CDH Investments (Chinese: 鼎晖投资) and Holley Pharma (Chinese: 华立医药).

The funding is used to help the company expand investment in technological innovation and product development and to bring more core technologies and products to the recombinant collagen-based biomaterials market.

Founded in 2015, Trautec Medical is a scientific and innovative company focusing on the development, production and sales of new biomaterials and innovative protein/nucleic acid drugs with the scientific concept and key technology of synthetic biology as its core. The company has an excellent technical team with independent intellectual property rights in developing recombinant collagen. It will continue to expand the application of recombinant human-derived collagen products in high-end fields such as medicine, medical regeneration and medical aesthetics. 

The company's competitors include Jinbo Biopharma (Chinese: 锦波生物医药), MayBio Matrix (Chinese: 美柏医药生物) and Giant Biogene (Chinese: 巨子生物).