Naxi Technology Completed Angel Round of Financing

Healthcare Author: Mingxia Ren Aug 16, 2022 05:55 PM (GMT+8)

Naxi Technology, a developer of optical microscopic imaging equipment, will continue to develop groundbreaking microscopic technologies and products with the fresh proceeds.


Naxi Technology (Chinese: 纳析科技) completed an angel financing round recently. The round was led by GL Ventures (Chinese: 高瓴创投). The amount is undisclosed.

 The funds will be used to continuously upgrade and apply the multimodal super-resolution structured illumination microscopy (Multi-SIM). Besides, Naxi Technology will provide users with a complete whole process solution for live cell super-resolution imaging and accelerate its development in related business areas with the fresh proceeds.

 Founded in 2021, Naxi Technology has transformed the perfect engineering of advanced super-resolution imaging laboratory indicators into highly stable, reliable and handy commercial products. It provides users with industry-leading high-speed, long-duration, super-resolution in vivo imaging microscope equipment, as well as the whole process solution from sample preparation to imaging and image analysis.

 Multi-SIM is a super-resolution microscopic imaging system developed, designed and manufactured by Naxi Technology. The system enables nanometer and millisecond resolved long-range and non-invasive imaging of dynamic events within living cells, providing a window of insight into crucial intracellular biological processes and contributing to a better understanding of molecular events under living cell conditions.

 The company’s competitors include Shinevia (Chinese: 显微智能), Transcend Vivoscope (Chinese: 超维景) and Novel Optics (Chinese: 永新光学).