Processor Developer Nuclei Received Hundreds of Millions of CNY from Legend Capital

Technology Author: Guoyan Wu Aug 18, 2022 11:24 AM (GMT+8)

Zhenbo Hu, the founder of Nuclei, remarked that at present, the global semiconductor IP industry is still dominated by foreign giants, and basic IP technologies, especially the key IPs represented by CPU IP, have long been the sore point of the local semiconductor industry.


Recently, RISC-V processor IP and solution provider Nuclei (Chinese: 芯来科技) announced the completion of a new round of financing worth hundreds of millions of CNY, led by Legend Capital (Chinese: 君联资本), with participation from several investors including Xianghui Capital (Chinese: 祥晖资本), Shougang Fund (Chinese: 首钢基金), C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment (Chinese: 建发新兴投资), and Accurate Capital (Chinese: 精确资本).

The money raised will be mainly used to further develop higher performance CPU IP and new features such as security, automotive grade, and intelligence; to promote the iteration of the technology platform for more convenient output of RISC-V-based hardware and software integrated solutions; to carry out technical validation of hardcore IP based on Chiplet interconnection and participate extensively in the layout design of requirements for RISC-V from heterogeneous systems.

Before this funding round, Nuclei has been promoting the localization of RISC-V CPU IP and all of its products have been applied in the mass production design of many customers. Especially after the roll-out of high-performance 900 multi-core series and parallel computing VPU cores, customers have been using Nuclei products for more complex scenarios.

Established in 2018, Nuclei is the leading RISC-V embedded processor intellectual property vendor in China. Starting from scratch, Nuclei provides a full series of processors for differentiated markets, covering 5G communication, industrial control, artificial intelligence, automotive electronics, Internet of things, storage, MCU, network security and many other fields.

Other players in this segment include APTCHIP (Chinese: 爱普特微电子), LinkedSemi (Chinese: 凌思微) and CVITEK (Chinese: 晶视智能科技).