Biotech Arnatar Therapeutics Snags Nearly 100 Mn in Seed Financing Round

Healthcare Author: Mianmian Wang Sep 19, 2022 04:16 PM (GMT+8)

Arnatar Therapeutics, a biotech focusing on antisense nucleic acid technology, will advance its construction of novel drug product pipelines with the fresh proceeds.


Arnatar Therapeutics recently closed its Seed funding which was exclusively led by Apricot Capital. 

The proceeds will be mainly used for the construction of the antisense nucleic acid bidirectional regulation technology platform and the advancement of multiple novel drug product pipelines. 

Founded in 2022, Arnatar Therapeutics specializes in antisense nucleic acid technology-based drug discovery. Its founding team includes Dr. Liang Xuehai, the previous leader of core technology division of Ionis and Dr Wang Yanfeng, the previous leader of the DMPK and clinical pharmacology division of Merck, Novartis and Ionis. The research team is also comprised of other talent with years of experiences in RNA Biology, drug targets and small nucleic acid synthesis. 

SicaGene and Ribolia are other biotech companies also with a focus on antisense nucleic acid technology.