Ubrigene Bags Hundreds of Mns of CNY in Series C Financing Round

Healthcare Author: Mingxia Ren Sep 27, 2022 06:35 PM (GMT+8)

Ubrigene, dedicated to providing one-stop CDMO services for cell and gene therapies, will continue to improve its management system and incubate more specialized technology platforms with the fresh proceeds.


Ubrigene (Chinese: 宜明细胞) secured hundreds of millions of CNY in the Series C financing round recently. The round was led by the National Strategic Transformation and Upgrading Fund (Chinese: 国家战略转型升级基金) of Goldstone Investment (Chinese: 金石投资), Goldstone Health Fund (Chinese: 金石康健基金) and Flagship China-market USD-denominated Fund (Chinese: 旗舰中国市场美元基金) of CLSA Capital Partners (Chinese: 里昂资本). BGI Co-win (Chinese: 华大共赢), Xingtou Capital (Chinese: 兴投资本), Wenzhou Capital (Chinese: 文周资本), Findowin Capital (Chinese: 源创资本) and the existing investors Huagai Capital (Chinese: 华盖资本), FOF Capital (Chinese: 方富资本) and IDG Capital also participated in this round.

 The funds will be used to accelerate the company's globalization layout, promote the development and innovation of CGT carrier technology and process, and strongly empower the development and industrial transformation of domestic and international CGT new drugs.

 Founded in 2015, Ubrigene is dedicated to developing and applying cell & AAV-centered gene therapy technologies, and providing overall solutions for the industrialization of gene therapy. Besides, the company's quality control platforms involved multiple disciplines of biochemistry, microbiology and chemistry. And each platform has an independent ventilation system in order to comprehensively reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

 The company's competitors include OBiO (Chinese: 和元生物), GenScript (Chinese: 金斯瑞生物科技) and Porton Pharma Solutions (Chinese: 博腾股份).