Auto Chip Manufacturer Black Sesame Technologies Reached Strategic Cooperation with ZTE

Automotive Author: Wenqing Zou Editor: Ziying Wu Nov 21, 2022 02:07 PM (GMT+8)

Recently, autonomous driving semiconductor supplier Black Sesame Technologies established strategic cooperation with telecommunication service provider ZTE, promoting the development of the high-performance automotive electronics industry.

Black sesame Intelligent Technology

On November 17, autonomous driving semiconductor provider Black Sesame Technologies (Chinese: 黑芝麻智能) signed a strategic cooperation framework with global leading integrated communication information solution provider ZTE Corporation (Chinese: 中兴通讯). It is noted that Black Sesame Technologies was the first autonomous driving semiconductor cooperator of ZTE.

Black Sesame Technologies, founded in 2016 and based in Shanghai, has focused on image processing, perception algorithm, and SoC design. The company can provide autonomous driving L2/L3 solutions to customers and commercialize its algorithm and image processing techniques in the field of intelligent vehicles and consumer electronics.

ZTE, founded in 1985 and dual-listed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, is an innovative high-tech enterprise committed to providing telecommunication and information technology for global operators. Currently, the company serves customers from over 160 countries, accounting for 1/4 of the worldwide population.

Black Sesame Technologies and ZTE are the leaders in semiconductor and operating systems, which represent two important fields for industrial auto chain. Per the newly-signed framework agreement, both parties will deepen their cooperation on autonomous driving, build up local automotive value chains and lead the innovation of digitization and intelligent technologies.

In the future, Black Sesame Technologies and ZTE will work together and promote the intelligent vehicle industry worldwide.