EDA Solution Provider X-EPIC Bags Hundreds of Mns of CNY from Series B Funding Round

Technology Author: Yan Zheng Editor: Qinqie He Nov 28, 2022 12:06 PM (GMT+8)

X-EPIC, an EDA solution provider, bagged hundreds of millions of CNY from Series B financing round, led by CLP Zhongjin(Xiamen)Smart Industry Equity Investment Fund Partnership(L.P.).


X-EPIC(Chinese:芯华章), an electronic design automation(EDA) solution provider, bagged hundreds of millions of CNY from Series B round of financing, led by CLP Zhongjin(Xiamen)Smart Industry Equity Investment Fund Partnership(L.P.), with participation by Mirae Asset and Henglu Asset.

Founded in 2020, X-EPIC is an EDA solution provider focusing on the digital front-end verification link, hoping to create a complete digital verification whole process service. X-EPIC has released the FusionVerify Platform with a unified underlying framework and 5 digital verification products with independent intellectual property rights.

The funds will be used to accelerate the realization of mass production and implementation of products, strengthen the construction of an expert-level technical support team, improve the whole process service capability of digital verification, and provide a safe, reliable and high-quality toolchain.

Xie Zhonghui, the Chief Marketing Strategy Officer of X-EPIC, said that X-EPIC's logic emulator can be seamlessly ported to different processors and supports domestic server architectures. X-EPIC was the first to release an extensible formal verification tool based on word-level modeling in China. The measured performance exceeded about 20% compared to the existing legal verification tools.

EDA verification has three major market pain points: tool compatibility, data fragmentation, and tool innovation. IBS has predicted that the total EDA market size in China will reach USD 2.27 billion in 2025, of which the EDA verification will reach USD 1.25 billion.

In 2022, X-EPIC will focus on accelerating product delivery, deepening product iteration, and promoting new product research and development. In terms of business, the company currently focuses on intelligent vehicles, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, GPGPU, CPU, and other fields with higher requirements for complex chip design.

X-EPIC's international competitors include Synopsys(US) and Cadence(US), and domestic ones include Primarius (688206.SH, Chinese:概伦电子), Empyrean(301269.SZ, Chinese:华大九天), and Xpeedic(Chinese:芯和半导体).