Biotech Primelink Nets Over CNY 100 Mn

Healthcare Author: Lingxi Peng Editor: Mianmian Wang Dec 01, 2022 09:55 AM (GMT+8)

As a new star in the antibody-drug conjugate (“ADC”) industry, Primelink plans to build a more flexible ADC technology platform.


Primelink (Chinese:普灵生物), an innovative ADC biotechnology company, announced that it has raised over CNY 100 million recently, with investment led by Vertex Ventures (Chinese:祥峰投资) and joined by Fosun Pharma (Chinese:复星医药) and Kaitai Capital(Chinese:凯泰资本). This financing will mainly be used to establish and verify a technology platform based on company’s independent intellectual property rights, while also to promote the early R&D process in ADC preclinical candidates.

Primelink was established in July 2021, dedicated to developing the next-generation accurate and flexible drug delivery system. Primelink’s founder, Dr. Yin, who has worked in Mersana Therapeutics for 15 years, has over 10 international patents and nearly 20 years of ADC development experience including the payload and linker design, and conjugation technology development. The co-founder, Dr Yi, who was Dr. Yin’s colleague in Mersana, also enjoys nearly 15 years of antibody drug and ADC development experience. Now Primelink has over 20 employees in R&D, more than 50% with a doctoral degree.

To better improve its toolbox, Primelink has introduced a world leading bioconjugation technology from a US company, which plays a critical role in achieving synergy with Primelink’s current ADC tool. This leading technology will help Primelink save abundant time and capital in ADC production. By virtue of this technology, Primelink can also achieve valuable differentiation in ADC linker and conjugation technology.

As for ADC platform, Primelink plans to build a more flexible modular technology platform, which matches target with corresponding ADC instead of merely providing one type of ADC.

PrimeLink's competitors include CSPC (Chinese: 石药集团),RemeGen (Chinese: 荣昌生物), and LaNova (Chinese: 礼新医药).