Gene Synthesis Provider Tsingke Biotechnology Nets Over CNY 400 Mn in Series B

Healthcare Author: Lingxi Peng Editor: Mianmian Wang Dec 05, 2022 03:49 PM (GMT+8)

Tsingke, a national high-tech enterprise in synthetic biology, raised CNY 400 Mn in Series B only 1 year after its completion of Series A in 2021


Tsingke Biotechnology (Tsingke) (Chinese:擎科生物), a high-tech enterprise in synthetic biology, announced that it had completed a Series B funding round worth more than CNY 400 million (USD 57.31 million) recently, which was led by Henan Investment Group Huirong Fund Management (Chinese: 河南投资集团汇融基金) and Fortune Capital (Chinese: 达晨财智), with participation from Capitallink (Chinese: 凯联资本), Qingsong Fund (Chinese: 青松资本), Zhongyuan Asset (Chinese: 中原资产), and Jolmo Capital (Chinese: 金雨茂物). Glory Capital (Chinese: 华胜资本) and WinX Capital (Chinese: 凯乘资本) acted as the financial advisors.

Proceeds will mainly be used for the R&D investment of Tsingke’s gene factory, the upgrading of its technology platform, the talent expansion, and the advancement of global deployment, aiming to build an intelligent and automatic production platform that meets global standards.

Founded in 2017 and located in Beijing, Tsingke has formed its independent gene synthesis industry chain. The business scope covers three major directions: synthetic genomics products and services, life science research equipment and raw materials, and bio-manufacturing CXO. Based on the innovative molecular resolution and synthesis technology combined with TSINGKE HELIXTECH’s AI algorithms, Tsingke has established an intelligent production line that connects raw materials, equipment, and process. Now Tsingke has 156 patents and core technologies, including 67 invention patents, which enhance its core competitiveness. In June 2022, Tsingke received the recognition certificate of "high-tech enterprise" jointly issued by Beijing Municipal science & technology Commission、Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau、Beijing Municipal Tax Service, and State Taxation Administration.

Tsingke's competitors include Mab-Venture (Chinese:博威生物),Medicilon (Chinese:美迪西), and Asymchem (Chinese:凯莱英).