Ensonic Technology Completes the B Round of Financing

Technology Author: Yongqian Yang Jan 16, 2023 10:48 AM (GMT+8)

Sound is valuable information.


Beijing Ensonic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ensonic Technology") (Chinese: 北京谛声科技有限责任公司) announced that it has completed a B-round financing of nearly CNY 100 million. The lead investor of this round is Fresh Capital (Chinese: 清新资本), while Weed Ventures (Chinese: 野草创投) and Jin Quan (Chinese: 金泉投资) jointly participated in this round of investment as well. Chang Weixi, a partner of Ensonic Technology, said that this round of financing will be mainly used for product research and development, marketing and other business directions.

Ensonic Technology was established in 2018 and has completed 3 rounds of financing in 2018, 2019 and 2020. As an enterprise-level acoustic AI technology service provider, Ensonic Technology has created a variety of equipment monitoring products and related service platforms through microphone arrays and acoustic signal processing capabilities, providing diversified solutions such as AI intelligent acoustic fault detection, operation and maintenance for energy, electric power, and rail transit customers.

Ding Dongliang, founder of Ensonic Technology, said that in industrial scenarios with complex mechanical equipment and numerous precision instruments, sound signals have a wealth of information and are one of the important parameters for evaluating the working status of equipment. Today, with the rapid development of AI technology, the Ensonic Technology team hopes to continue to dig deep in the specific application scenarios of electric power and rail transit to solve multiple pain points in actual scenarios.

In hardware, Ensonic has created a technical barrier of microphone arrays. A certain number of microphones are used to form an array to sample and process the spatial characteristics of the sound field to achieve sound source localization, reverberation, sound signal enhancement, and blind source separation, thus accurately identifying fault sound in noisy environment. Relevant data shows that the ultimate positioning distance of Ensonic's far-field pickup microphone array can reach 1km.

In software, Ensonic has developed its own acoustic algorithm and has a powerful fault algorithm model for railway systems and power systems. It is understood that Ensonic has established 37 types of railway system fault models, more than 50 types of power grid system fault models, and more than 100 types of industrial system fault models, forming certain technical barriers and having high reliability customized for specific industrial scenarios.

Through the combination of software and hardware, Ensonic provides solutions for customers through terminal equipment deployment and SaaS platform. Chang Weixi said, " Ensonic Technology is one of the few companies that has established a relatively complete acoustic fault model in railway and power grid systems. We have spent many years completing this work in order to continuously improve the detection accuracy, avoid false alarms and ensure the normal operation of the system.”