Geely Tech Group, GTA Semiconductor Kick off R&D Collaboration for Auto-grade Chips

Automotive Author: Kaiwen Li Editor: Ziying Wu Jan 17, 2023 03:13 PM (GMT+8)

Recently, Geely Technology Group and GTA Semiconductor signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement,the pair will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the areas of automotive-grade chip development, manufacturing, market application and talent training.


On Jan. 12th, Geely Technology Group (Chinese: 吉利科技集团) announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GTA Semiconductor (Chinese: 上海积塔半导体有限公司). Under the agreement, the pair will carry out comprehensive cooperation around R&D, manufacturing, market application, and talent training of automotive-grade chips.

Geely Technology Group, a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group (Chinese: 吉利控股集团), takes new materials, new energy, and motorcycle culture as its core businesses. Jingneng Microelectronics  (Chinese: 晶能微电子), a Geely Technology Group subsidiary, focuses on semiconductor discrete device manufacturing, semiconductor device special equipment manufacturing; integrated circuit chip design and service; integrated circuit chip and product manufacturing, and more.

GTA Semiconductor is one of the leading manufacturing foundries specializing in automotive IC. As one of the earliest SiC foundries with manufacturing capability in mainland China, the company has decades of experience with automotive IC production quality control systems in massive production modes. It provides customers a full spectrum of technology platforms and portfolios for manufacturing Micro-Controller, Analog IC, discrete power devices and MEMS in the application fields of automotive, industrial and high-end consumer electronics.

Geely Technology Group and GTA Semiconductor will also focus on the coordinated development of an automotive-grade chip industry, and propel breakthroughs in key domestic semiconductor technologies, in hope to establish a mature and stable ecology for the automotive semiconductor industry.