Douyin Supermarket Goes Online

Technology, Consumer Staples Author: Yongqian Yang Jan 28, 2023 11:22 AM (GMT+8)

Interest-based e-commerce continues to raise stakes.

Supermarkets, fruits, vegetables

Douyin Supermarket (Chinese: 抖音超市) has officially opened its doors to welcome customers in the Douyin app, and users from all over the country can experience online supermarket shopping in Douyin. Users search for "Douyin E-commerce (Chinese: 抖音电商)" in the search bar or shopping portal, and they can enter the Douyin Supermarket for shopping.

At present, Douyin Supermarket has launched a "No Closing During the Spring Festival (Chinese: 春节不打烊)" campaign. It is reported that the products in Douyin Supermarket are all directly issued by the official companies, enjoying the guarantee of authenticity.

The products of Douyin Supermarket include: milk and drink preparation, paper, laundry, alcohol and water, health care, household cleaning, as well as personal care and beauty, snacks and sweets, maternal, child pets, grain and oil, instant food, electrical appliances and other categories. Users can enjoy the delivery service of "same day delivery" after purchase.

 Additionally, Douyin Supermarket also launched a daily new "Hot Items Kill (Chinese: 爆款秒杀)" campaign, emphasizing "true subsidized price, buy with guarantee" and "no need to compare, it is the lowest in 30 days".

In fact, it is no surprise that Douyin launched the supermarket business. This is a layout based on the differences in consumer groups, and according to the current consumption habits and trends of users, customers who purchase offline will gradually convert to online purchases, and the conversion speed is accelerating.

On the other hand, as Douyin upgrades "interest e-commerce" to "global interest e-commerce", the full-category model must be a part that needs to be supplemented. The launch of Douyin Supermarket undoubtedly means that more stakes are raised in the global interest e-commerce field. At this stage, industry leaders like Meituan (Chinese: 美团), JD (Chinese: 京东) and Alibaba (Chinese: 阿里巴巴) are also focusing on the layout of the supermarket business, and have realized the linkage of online and offline supermarkets -online customers and offline customers are superimposed, making it easy to form an exponential growth effect.