NEV Charging Solution Provider Shiji Yunan Bags nearly CNY 100 Mns from Pre-A Round

Automotive Author: Ziying Wu Editor: Mu Li Jan 28, 2023 05:00 PM (GMT+8)

Beijing Shiji Yunan New Energy, an automobile service provider that provides new energy vehicle charging solutions, raised nearly a hundred million CNY from a Pre-A round Financing. The funds raised will be primarily used for talent acquisition for its R&D teams, procurement and market expansion.

Charging pile

Recently, Beijing Shiji Yunan New Energy Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 世纪云安) (hereinafter referred to as Shiji Yunan) announced its completion of a pre-A round financing of roughly 100 million of CNY, co-invested by Tongxi Capital (Chinese: 桐曦资本), NIO Capital (Chinese: 蔚来资本), Cash Capital(Chinese:国科嘉和), Fresh Capital (Chinese: 清新资本) and more. The funds raised will be used for the company's talent acquisition in various R&D centers, procurement and market expansion.

Founded in 2021, Shiji Yunan provides high-performance new energy vehicle charging solutions, adopting a "unified construction and unified operation" mode, to provide private charging piles for community garage parking spaces. Specifically, this mode unifies the planning, construction and operation of community charging facilities through the charging operator in conjunction with property services and other relevant parties. The company completed its first demonstration project in Beijing Yuanda Park at the beginning of 2022, which was the first residential land-unified charging pile project to be landed and accepted in Beijing.

Mr.Shuo An, the co-founder of Shiji Yunan, further explained that, different communities have different user needs, for example, some requiring energy infrastructure renovation and some with community proximity for public charging. Compared to last year's node, their company has a more specific solution for the whole project. "In different demand scenarios, we use engineering and business judgment to prioritize and adapt our own products." The company is positioned in the field of NEV charging market and develops smart energy management and charging management platforms with flexible charging and artificial intelligence technologies to adjust charging power.