AR/VR Component Company YAOYU Nets tens of millions in Angel Round

Technology Author: Qinqie He, Yunfeng Zhang Jan 29, 2023 05:27 PM (GMT+8)

The emerging XR chip company YAOYU(Chinese: 耀宇视芯) has already licensed algorithms to the leading domestic XR industry companies in China.


YAOYU is one of the few companies in China with independent design of XR device chips and comprehensive interaction algorithms. The company recently announced that it has raised tens of millions of CNY in angel round investment. The investment was jointly led by Creation Venture(Chinese:创享投资) and Focustar Capital(Chinese:星纳赫资本), followed by listed company HUITONGDA(Chinses:汇通达) and Sinowisdom(Chinese:华睿资本), with additional investment from original shareholders Wisemen Capital(Chinese:永圣资本) and Ralph(Chinese:拉尔夫创投). Proceeds raised in this financing round will be mainly used for R&D investment in interaction algorithms and chips, product matrix layout, market expansion and team expansion. This is the second round of financing completed by YAOYU within one year of its establishment.

YAOYU mainly provides a full set of 6DoF solutions for the AR/VR headset industry based on self-developed chips, including head 6DoF positioning, hand 6DoF positioning, cloud mapping. The company currently has strategic cooperation with many manufacturers in the industry, such as Lochn Optics(Chinese: 珑璟光电) and Ned AR(Chinese:耐德佳). The core technologies of YAOYU: 6DoF SLAM algorithm, which has been adopted by domestic head mobile phone manufacturers, with low latency and sub-millimeter accuracy in the AR/VR; 6DoF SLAM chip has been gradually productized and delivered; in terms of cloud map service, the cloud SLAM and terminal SLAM are highly integrated.

Each generation of personal devices, from pagers to smartphones, has improved the efficiency with which users can access and process information per unit of time. And the potential of AR technology in this regard makes AR glasses expected to be the next generation of widely used mobile devices. YAOYU provides a special XR interaction algorithm chip with a variety of domestic main chips, which can significantly reduce power consumption and cost, and increase the flexibility of the overall solution, and will continue to provide the industry with a highly accurate, low-power, low-latency, standardized interactive experience.

YAOYU’s competitors include Novastar(Chinese:诺瓦星云), Unilumin(Chinese:洲明科技) and Leyard(Chinese:利亚德).