Overwhelming ChatGPT Will Drive Strong Long-term Growth in Chip Market

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang, Qinqie He Feb 07, 2023 12:05 PM (GMT+8)

At the end of November last year, ChatGPT became the fastest-growing consumer application in history upon its launch, with more than 1 million registered users in just 5 days and more than 100 million after two months.

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ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence chat bot, is said to be "starting a new round of the AI revolution". It is known that ChatGPT is a model developed by OpenAI, which uses artificial intelligence technology to provide human-like content output by analyzing and training a large amount of information and data from the Internet. Its appeal is that it can answer open-ended questions in addition to specific intellectual questions and interact with users in a conversational manner. As for the reasons why ChatGPT exploded, the people involved said: First, the ChatGPT model upgrade gives everyone a bright feeling, which is more in line with ordinary people's imagination of artificial intelligence. Second, from the application field, taking search as an example, ChatGPT is really of great practicality and helps to filter the value information from the complicated information. In addition, there is a more realistic reason that the AI field and the capital market also need a new indicator to be stimulated after a period of low.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that the birth of this technology is no less significant than the birth of the Internet or personal computers. In 2023, AI will become the most popular hot plate, while AI technology will have no less impact on society in the future than technologies such as personal computers.

Robin Li, co-founder and CEO of Baidu, also said, "AIGC will disrupt the existing content production model in the next decade, and AI has the potential to meet massive content demand at one-tenth the cost and hundreds or even thousands of times the efficiency".

Based on this development prospect and expectation, domestic and foreign technology giants are actively laying out ChatGPT-related technologies, as well as competing for the AIGC big track.

Today, AI combined with accelerated computing and high-performance computing is the innovation trend of the computing industry. In the future, as the popularity of AIGC applications represented by ChatGPT will greatly increase the new demand for computing power, which belongs to the incremental market.

Gokul Hariharan, Co-Head of Asia Pacific Technology, Media and Telecom Research at JPMorgan, commented, "We expect the overall chip market to see a significant decline in the first half of 2023. At the same time, however, there will be strong long-term growth in the coming years, driven by high-performance computing."

Overall, ChatGPT will drive the synergistic development of the underlying semiconductor industry, HPC, cloud computing and other industries, which in turn will lead to the complementary development of related software and hardware and ecology, and even promote the recovery of the semiconductor industry and the sustainable long-term development of related industries.