Baidu to Acquire Healthcare Data Provider GBI

Technology, Healthcare Author: Lingxi Peng Feb 14, 2023 11:46 AM (GMT+8)

With the popularity of AI technology, Baidu follows the trend closely


Recently, ChatGPT is on track to becoming one of the most popular apps of all time, and change the internet we know. In fact, the correct and efficient utilization of AI technology in industry or business is a top priority for tech giants such as Google or Baidu.

In response, technology company Baidu just unveiled ERNIE Bot, a rival to the popular AI chatbot. The company said in a statement that its AI chatbot project will likely complete internal testing in March before being made public, and that it will be named“Ernie bot”in English or“Wenxin Yiyan”in Chinese. This large language model shows deep learning's increasingly strong potential as the core of artificial intelligence.

In the healthcare field, Baidu announced that it had completed the acquisition of healthcare data provider GBI, which assisted Baidu in entering an“AI+Healthcare Big Data Whole Chain Insight”new era. Baidu indicated that after this acquisition, GBI will become an important impetus and growth engine for Baidu's HCG, breaking the traditional business models and achieving“from R&D, pipeline planning, to market access and commercialization”digital-intelligent transformation for corporate users such as pharmaceutical, medical equipment, CRO, or healthcare capital.

Founded in Shanghai in 2002, GBI has built a diverse portfolio of market intelligence solutions for pharmaceutical and device companies and other service providers. Focused on China and the Latin American markets, GBI's value-added industry information, news, and data services power individuals and organizations' decision-making and enable more effective communication. 

With the deep integration of Baidu HCG's powerful data, technology, and resource, GBI will launch a brand-new business intelligence service section. This section will help users in whole industry and closed-loop business decision making through think tanks, patient behavior insights, and marketing analysis. Meanwhile, Baidu NLP and big data governance will increase GBI's efficiency in data acquisition, governance, precise search, and matching, empower clients at all stages including R&D, clinical trial, registration, access, sales, and financing.