Xorbits Completes USD Multi-Million Angel Round of Financing

Technology Author: Yongqian Yang Feb 27, 2023 02:37 PM (GMT+8)

The Python native ecosystem will play an increasingly important role in future infrastructure.


Xorbits (Chinese: 未来速度) recently completed a USD multi-million angel round of financing, Exclusively invested by Glory Venture (Chinese: 耀途资本), the financing funds will be used for product development, user experience improvement and cloud platform construction.

Xorbits was established in 2022. Its product Xorbits is a distributed data science computing framework designed to accelerate the processing of large-scale data in the Python ecosystem.

As an easy-to-use programming language, Python has high development efficiency. At the same time, there are abundant third-party libraries such as Pandas and NumPy to help simplify operations. It is one of the standard languages in the field of big data and AI. However, in practical applications such as financial quantitative analysis, biological gene sequencing, and geospatial multi-dimensional analysis, Python may face many challenges such as low operating efficiency and insufficient memory when running third-party libraries on a single machine.

In this regard, Xorbits uses multi-core, heterogeneous, distributed and other technologies to accelerate the execution of existing codes and improve the efficiency of program operation, covering dimensions such as scientific computing, data science, and machine learning. At the same time, Xorbits is also compatible with existing Python data science libraries such as Pandas and NumPy. Users can complete code migration without learning new interfaces and obtain parallel acceleration effects.

In terms of specific services, Xorbits cooperates with multiple cloud vendors to provide SaaS services on the cloud, and users can speed up computing on the cloud by changing the corresponding code. Xorbits will measure the performance and cost performance according to the user's budget and demands, and choose the appropriate solution for the user. In addition, since Xorbits is an open-source platform, users can jointly participate in platform maintenance and help the platform to further improve.

At present, Xorbits open source products have been officially released, and the future speed plan will further develop its open source community, attract more users to build the platform together, and will continue to promote product iterations to further simplify operations.