JD Logistics Initiates the Establishment of Mobile Robot Technology Ecological Alliance

Technology, Industrials Author: Yongqian Yang Feb 28, 2023 01:21 PM (GMT+8)

Break down technology silos.

JD logistics 618

On December 29 2022, the JD Logistics Technology Online Salon and New Product Launch led by JD Logistics, "Integration of Numbers and Reality, Shaping a Resilient Supply Chain (Chinese: 数实融合,塑造韧性供应链) ", came to a successful conclusion. The three-day online salon was divided into three major topics, namely "Solution Capability Topic", "Hardware Technology Capability Topic" and "Software Technology Capability Topic". 

In the special sharing of "Software Technology Capabilities", Liu Peng, vice president of JD Logistics, brought the "Annual Release of Logistics Technology Smart Warehouse and Material Control Software". During the period, Liu Peng released three new products: WES1.0 Warehouse Execution Management System, WCS4.0 Warehouse Integrated Control System and JD Material Control 2.0. 

Subsequently, Lu Hanchen, director of the Gaogong Industry Institute, shared the theme of "Mobile Robot Industry Development Situation and Direction". Lu Hanchen said that if there is any segment of Chinese robots that are expected to lead the world, it must be mobile robots. From the perspective of market demand, the current labor costs continue to rise, and the upgrading of industrial structure, the explosion of demand for intelligent logistics, coupled with the improvement of digitalization and intelligence, provide a good foundation for the outbreak of mobile robots.

But at the same time, mobile robots are also facing four major problems: cost, efficiency, involution and standards.

In order to break the industry's long-term lack of standards, JD Logistics took the lead in establishing the "Mobile Robot Technology Ecological Alliance" and launched a unified technical standard. In the theme sharing of "R9-001 Mobile Handling Robot Communication Technical Specifications", Sun Mingang, senior director of JD Logistics, fully explained the original intention and significance of the birth of the ecological alliance, and released the R9-001 technical standard.

At present, the companies that have joined the mobile robot technology ecological alliance R9 (Robot 9) are Dalu Robotech (Chinese: 大陆智源), Geek+ (Chinese: 极智嘉), Hai Robotics (Chinese: 海柔创新), JD Logistics, Kecong (Chinese: 科聪), Mooe Robot (Chinese: 木蚁机器人), TuskRobots (Chinese: 塔斯克机器人), SEER (Chinese: 仙工智能), and Xingshen Tech (Chinese: 行深智能).