Seer Helps Integrators Serve the Construction of State Grid's Intelligent Logistics

Industrials, Technology Author: Yongqian Yang Mar 03, 2023 04:52 PM (GMT+8)

Through the combined use of Seer standard products, it can reduce costs and increase efficiency for end customers.


Recently, Seer (Chinese: 仙工智能) and an integrator in Hubei officially reached a partnership. Seer’s product portfolio successfully helped the integrator to implement the mobile robot latent handling project in the State Grid Material Center. By improving the efficiency and safety factor of material operation, it realizes operation automation and intelligence, helping the State Grid Material Center improve energy efficiency, realizing cost reduction and efficiency increase.

The integrator mainly serves customer groups in the fields of machinery, electrical, hydraulic, machine tool control, and material control of the State Grid Testing Center. It has a large number of mechanical and electrical senior engineers and senior technicians, to provide customers with one-stop professional high-quality services and products.

Relying on the systematic training and teaching provided by Seer for partners, and the rich on-site debugging experience of the integrator's internal senior engineers, when the mobile robot handling project of the State Grid Material Center was implemented, the overall project progressed efficiently and quickly.

Seer provided the integrator with a standard product based on the SRC series core controller - the mobile robot SJV-W1000, and the RDS (Resource Dispatch System) unified resource scheduling system. Through the combination of Seer intelligent software and hardware products, the mobile robot barriers of various categories and manufacturers in the whole factory have been broken through, and the objects can be handled independently, reducing the flow of personnel, greatly cutting the labor intensity of employees, and improving the accuracy of object delivery.

The jack-up handling robots SJV-W1000 and SJV-W3000 can support various types of shelf identification, easily identify a variety of shelves in the material center, and accurately transport objects. At the same time, it contains a large-capacity battery, which can achieve up to 8hour uninterrupted battery life and meet the continuous needs of the workshop. Handling needs.

Seer RDS has become the key to the whole factory scheduling. RDS completes the collection of the entire process information by connecting with the on-site ERP system. Through algorithm analysis, it flexibly coordinates all mobile robots in the factory for handling operations, avoids the waste of robot resources and ensures the safety of man and machine, and realizes intelligent and lean manufacturing.

In the future, Seer will continue to help integrators penetrate more machinery manufacturing industries. Through the combined use of Seer standard products, it will realize cargo positioning and mobile intelligence, promote the flexible and efficient upgrade of intelligent logistics in the factory, and truly reduce costs and increase efficiency for end customers.