Percipio.XYZ Launches Standardized 3D Vision Soft Package Depalletizing Solution

Technology, Industrials Author: Yongqian Yang Mar 06, 2023 10:56 AM (GMT+8)

Another step towards ubiquitous 3D machine vision.

3D vision AI

With the change in population structure, problems such as difficult recruitment, labor shortage, and rising labor costs in traditional manufacturing enterprises with heavy, dirty and repetitive mechanical positions are becoming increasingly serious. More and more enterprises choose to use automation and intelligent material production methods to replace the heavy work of human beings in dangerous and harsh environments with high standards and high efficiency, and to replace humans with machines to help the acceleration of intelligent manufacturing.

In the fields of chemical industry, medicine, feed, chemical fertilizer, food, and metal, most of the raw material inbound logistics and finished product logistics adopt the stacking method of soft bag woven bag. Due to the easy deformation of the soft bag itself, irregular stacking and stacking, loose internal materials and slippage of the center of mass during the grabbing process, it is impossible to use simple dragging and teaching to achieve precise operations.

In response to the above problems, Percipio.XYZ (Chinese: 图漾科技) is now launching a standardized 3D visual soft package depalletizing solution, combined with 3D machine vision, deep learning technology and self-developed supporting software RVS-SE, to systematically solve the identification problems of soft packages such as flexibility, irregular shape, close proximity, and complex patterns. It can realize real-time three-dimensional positioning of soft-pack stacking, and guide industrial robots to perform automatic soft-pack depalletizing with high precision, high processing speed, and high stability.

The 3D industrial camera is based on Percipio.XYZ’s core technology patent has excellent product performance and anti-interference ability (ambient light, light, highly reflective objects, etc.), the highest IP67 protection level, and can meet the normal and stable long-term continuous use of different lighting scenes indoors and outdoors. With high precision and high frame, its visual processing time is less than 2s, with a recognition accuracy of over 99.9%, which can effectively improve the efficiency of unstacking.

The 3D visual soft package depalletizing solution can be modularly deployed, the equipment site occupies a small area which won’t affect the daily workshop work, and the software and hardware debugging can be quickly completed within 1-2 working days. The software does not require an engineer's technical background to install and maintain, instead, simple computer operation would suffice, greatly lowering the technical threshold and shortening the project cycle, which creates more added value for customers.