Short Video Operation Service Provider AKAYA Nets Nearly 10 Mn in Angel Round

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Apr 07, 2023 08:57 PM (GMT+8)

The Company will continue research on cloud phone.

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Akaya(Chinese: 阿卡亚), an intelligent short video operation service provider, announced that it has raised millions of dollars in seed round financing. This round of financing will be used to continue to invest in product development, team building, operations and promotion, as well as to increase the construction of its resource pool.

"Founded in December 2022, the founder and CEO Ding Erhua is a former ZTE strategy director who worked at ZTE for nearly 10 years, and after leaving the company, he has been involved in many ventures, such as Internet outdoor travel platform Donkey River Lake, Internet e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce.The CTO Huang Weifeng is a former senior technical expert at ZTE, and the first expert in China to start researching virtual mobile phones. As an emerging data intelligence company, Akaya focuses on helping domestic enterprise customers improve the efficiency of Jitterbug and TikTok short video operations. Its core team graduated from renowned universities such as HIT, SAF, TENU, and NUIST, and has many years of work experience in IT majors such as ZTE, Huawei, and Ali.

"CEO Ding Erhua said in this round of financing, Akaya will study the AIGC data intelligence algorithm and combine it with mobile RPA technology to realize AI big data automatic generation and operation promotion of short videos, and improve the operation efficiency of enterprise customers in Jitterbug and TikTok platform, the system will combine the hot data and operation data of multiple platforms to continuously optimize video content generation and The system will combine the hot data and operation data from multiple platforms to optimize the video content generation and intelligent operation algorithm, continuously improve the video play volume and create explosive videos.

Huang Weifeng, CTO of Akaya, said, "Our technical team has been deeply involved in the field of cloud phone technology for many years, and our core backbone has experienced the evolution of technology development from the first generation of X86 server virtual phone in 2015 to the current ARM server container cloud phone. We have deep deposits in core technologies such as Android virtualization, GPU virtualization, peripheral virtualization, model emulation, video codec and so on. The company's cloud phone products are comparable to the real machine in terms of fluency, APP compatibility and stability. It has achieved multi-platform, multi-architecture convergence in the underlying hardware architecture, supporting Kunpeng, Anshengpei and other ARM servers, Qualcomm 845 board array servers, and X86 servers. In terms of performance optimization, server cloud phone instance density improvement, the technical team do almost crazy research, a single server can support thousands of cloud phone instances".

Akaya currently provides cloud phone cross-border dedicated line, intelligent operation SaaS and cross-border live pass products to solve the needs of overseas TikTok operation in China, providing global operations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, and using cloud phone and intelligent operation SaaS to provide domestic Jitterbug users with intelligent operation of short videos. The company accelerates the docking of ChatGPT and Wenxin Yiyin's API interface, and then combines its own data intelligence algorithm to provide users with short video intelligence generation tools. As the team's business develops, it will combine cloud phone and digital human technology to provide live intelligence services for Jitterbug and TikTok operation customers, solving the pain points such as anchors jumping frequently, face value not taking charge, and not being able to live broadcast 24 hours a day.  

The Company will continue research on cloud phone (involving Linux kernel, AOSP deep customization, GPU virtualization and other technologies), mobile RPA, AIGC and other technologies, and use cloud phone as the product base to provide users with intelligent operation services for short video and live broadcast through the three SaaS systems of Smart Cut, Smart Camp and Smart Broadcast, and subsequently expand support for more short video platforms.