Lidar Frequently Appears in Shanghai Auto Show

Automotive Author: Yunfeng Zhang Apr 25, 2023 05:56 PM (GMT+8)

2023 is an unprecedentedly important point in time.


Compared with two years ago, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has increased from 14% to 34%; from concentrating on the field of travel to truly entering the ordinary family. For the Shanghai Auto Show, LIDAR models were just a "showcase" to show the R&D capability of car companies in previous years, but now LIDAR has become the main indicator for Chinese car companies to build the technological influence of national brands.

Equal Ocean has been informed that the Shanghai International Auto Show opened as scheduled on April 18. As a long-awaited celebration for car fans, more than 100 heavyweight models were presented at the show. Among them, many new energy vehicles attracted a lot of attention with their powerful technology.

 In this Shanghai Auto Show, the most eye-catching keyword is "technology". The trend of the intelligent automobile industry has moved from forums, speeches and reports to the eyes, cockpit and car machine. Everyone at the auto show can clearly feel that technological innovation and integration innovation are becoming the core driving force of the auto industry, showing the infinite possibilities that future cars will bring to the world.

 As early as the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, LIDAR had already become a landmark component of car intelligence and the focus of publicity by major car companies. Two years later, the LIDAR of major car companies has begun to enter the practical stage. According to preliminary statistics, with nearly 40 models equipped with LIDAR in 13 halls of Auto Shanghai 2023, LIDAR has become the "standard" for new energy vehicles to achieve intelligence. LIDAR is not affected by ambient light, active detection and very high accuracy, which can cover the "weak points" of other sensors, thus forming a more comprehensive sensing system and safer and more reasonable intelligent driving decisions. thus allowing car users to have a safer, more comfortable, more intelligent and more advanced driving experience.

 According to the statistics obtained by Equal Ocean, RoboSense LIDAR was the most popular among car companies at Auto Shanghai 2023, with 18 models of this LIDAR selected, while other manufacturers, except Hesaitech, which had 6 LIDARs selected by car companies, had only 5 or fewer products selected by car companies. And the car companies RoboSense cooperates with are mainly the top car brands.

This indicates that the Matthew effect in the automotive industry will start in RoboSense. The automotive industry has the most obvious scale effect, and so is its industrial chain. "The most important task for LiDAR companies is to run the volume. According to the practice of the parts industry, the threshold of mass production of LiDAR is at least 1 million units, and the total output of the LiDAR industry in 2022 is less than 300,000 units.

 Only by gaining the recognition of strategic cooperation from automobile companies, can we consider the subsequent stable market growth. Which LIDAR manufacturer can be the first to achieve quantitative change and then qualitative change with strong R&D and manufacturing strength? This will be a wonderful mystery in the Chinese auto industry circle. When will the mystery be solved? It is worth the continuous attention and patient expectations from inside and outside the industry.