DeepCtrls Nets More than 100 Mn in Series A

Author: Yunfeng Zhang May 16, 2023 11:57 PM (GMT+8)

DeepCtrls (Chinese: 深度智控) recently received hundreds of millions of dollars in Series A and Series A+ financing, and this round of financing funds will be mainly used for the company's new product development and business development.


Founded in 2018, DeepCtrls is a deep energy-saving and digital intelligence innovation service provider that focuses on empowering the industrial and building energy-saving industries to achieve deep energy-saving and enterprise digital intelligence transformation of electromechanical energy systems. The company's founding team comes from Tsinghua University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with 20 years of experience in energy efficiency.

Energy saving and cost reduction is a long-standing demand and pain point in many scenarios such as industry and IDC, and how to achieve "further energy saving" on the basis of existing energy-saving control systems in these areas and fully exploit the limit of the system energy saving is the current problem that needs to be solved by the new generation of energy efficiency control platform.

As China's carbon neutrality continues to advance, the demand for energy saving and carbon reduction in various industries and the transformation of digital intelligence has become more and more urgent. In industrial and building energy systems, the energy consumption of air-conditioning and pneumatic systems often accounts for 30% to 50% of the total energy consumption. From energy saving to "re-energy saving", after hundreds of projects of practical application statistics, DeepCtrls energy saving platform can optimize and improve the energy saving rate by at least 10%, based on the market advanced expert experience energy saving or AI energy saving. In addition to deep energy saving, based on the high-precision simulation model, it can also realize fault warning, equipment predictive diagnosis and maintenance, safety protection and linkage, etc., to enhance system operation's safety.

Up to now, DeepCtrls has delivered deep energy-saving and digital intelligence systems for hundreds of customer projects by empowering ecological partners, including CATL (Chinese: 宁德时代), BOE (Chinese: 京东方), NCSA (Chinese: 国家超算中心), Tencent Data Center ( Chinese: 腾讯数据中心) and other advanced manufacturing plants and data center projects, but also rail transportation, energy stations, tertiary hospitals and landmark commercial building projects.

This round of financing was co-led by Shenzhen Capital Group (Chinese: 深创投) and China Merchants Group (Chinese: 招商局创投), with strategic investment from Guangyuan Jinpan Industrial Fund (Chinese: 光远金盘产业基金). The old shareholders Sequoia China (Chinese: 红杉中国) and Source Code Capital (Chinese: 源码资本) continue to increase their capital, and JINGARI Capital (Chinese: 元一资本) acts as the exclusive FA. This round of financing is the fourth round for DeepCtrls after receiving investment from Tencent, Sequoia, Source Code and Huichuan.