Qianmulaser secures nearly CNY 100 mn in funding

Technology Author: Xin Zeng, 张若昕 Jul 21, 2023 11:42 AM (GMT+8)

Semiconductor laser chip supplier qianmulaser(Chinese:仟目科技) has recently completed a nearly  CNY 100 million Series B financing round. qianmulaser was established in November 2017 and has completed a total of 5 financing rounds to date. OPPO also participated in the Series A+ investment in 2021. Qianmu Laser is a company engaged in the production and manufacturing of semiconductor laser chips, focusing on continuous improvement of laser technology and pre-research of new products. It can meet customers' requirements for different powers and packaging in high-power VCSEL arrays, edge-emitting lasers, and distributed feedback lasers (DFB), providing customers with a complete vertical supply chain.

From a product perspective, qianmulaser mainly has two categories: VCSEL chips and high-power EEL chips. qianmulaser's 2022 shipment volume of 25G products has reached 1 million units, and it has achieved mass shipments of 50G products this year. It has also obtained certifications from top cloud vendors. At the same time, it was the first in China to launch a sample version of 100G products.

According to Yole data , the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the VCSEL chip market is 19.2%. In 2022, the scale of China's semiconductor equipment market reached 28.3 billion US dollars, accounting for approximately 26% of the global market share.

qianmulaser founder Cai Jianxin told Hardcotton, "The global market for VCSEL chips reached 1.6 billion US dollars last year, and Qianmu Laser is positioned in the global market with its subsidiary established in North America." These chips can be used in both the communication field and for to-C 3D sensors.

In China, in addition to rapidly growing semiconductor laser chip companies such as kodenshi(Chinese:中光电子), Zhiyun Corporation(Chinese:智云股份), and Yunyi Optoelectronics(Chinese:云意光电), there are also leading companies in the industry in the United States, such as Lumentum Holdings Inc., II-VI Incorporated, and Coherent Inc.

This round of investment was led by glory-ventures(Chinese:耀途资本), with participation from ivycapital(Chinese:常春藤资本), Beiyang Haitang Fund(Chinese:北洋海棠基金) and others. The funds raised will be used to accelerate product research and development, expand operational production scale, strengthen domestic and international market expansion, enhance customer service capabilities, and promote technological innovation in the field of semiconductor equipment components in China.