CARBON won over CNY 100 Mn in A round financing

Technology Author: Xin Zeng, Ruoxin Zhang Jul 26, 2023 06:20 PM (GMT+8)

Carbon (Shenzhen) medical apparatus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: CARBON(Chinese:卡本医疗) completed over 100 million yuan of A round financing,on July 24, 2023.This round of financing was led by COWINCNIINI(Chinese:同创伟业) and the old shareowner JINDING CAPITAL(Chinese:金鼎资本)continued to up the ante. This round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate the research and development of product lines, clinical and monetization layout, promote product admission, and establish training bases to promote new technologies.

CARBON was established in 2018. The company mainly focuses on the field of non-vascular interventional therapy . Based on image fusion ultrasound platform technology, it provides a complete set of equipment and surgical consumables for surgical departments such as urology, hepatobiliary surgery, and rehabilitation.

Check the data of CARBON 's official website, the company has launched the core product VENUS real-time MultiModal Machine Learning image fusion ultrasound diagnostic system, which integrates static CT / MR MR sequences with dynamic ultrasound in real time to visually present 3D and 2D organ anatomy. To assist doctors in locating lesions, planning puncture diagnosis and treatment paths, quickly guiding and accurately establishing intervention channels and performing targeted biopsies . At present,CARBON VENUS has been approved for listing, and has completed more than 1,200 surgical diagnosis and treatment in more than 200 hospitals across the country, with sales exceeding CNY 40 million(USD 6.15 million).

EqualOcean consulted the data of the Chnci(Chinese:中商产业研究院), driven by the increasing adoption of non-vascular interventional surgery , the passive consumables market has grown rapidly in the past few years. According to the market size report, the market size of passive consumables for non-vascular interventional surgery in my country increased from CNY 13.90 billion in 2016 to CNY 26.40 billion in 2021, with an average annual compound growth rate of 13.7%. In 2022, the market size of passive consumables for non-vascular interventional surgery in my country will reach CNY 30.80 billion.

For the long-term development trend, in addition to the company's comprehensive "horizontal" layout of the Asian industrial area, the company is also trying to move from the domestic market to the international market, such as: US, Europe , etc. From equipment joint consumables to value-added medical services, and finally build a global joint platform of scholars, doctors and workers. CARBON General Manager Yang Xiaowei said: "The landing of innovative technologies requires that the education market is a new technology, which is also the first difficulty to promote and popularize. CARBON is currently forming a breakthrough in new surgical methods through the trial of the top tier 1 hospital in the country and the scientific research cooperation of clinical experts; through the landing of the national puncture training center, and gradually promote the technology to sink from the tertiary hospital to the secondary hospital; At present, it has been trying to occupy the commanding heights of the discipline by publishing disciplinary papers through single-center and multi-center clinical trials, and constantly innovating commercial promotion models to make market breakthroughs. "

The non-vascular interventional therapy industry has attracted a lot of companies to enter the market. The leading companies in China are: Medtronic(Chinese:美敦力中国), HENGRUI(Chinese:恒瑞医药), Tong Ren Tang Technologies(Chinese:同仁堂科技)etc. Internationally famous are: Medtronic (US)(Chinese:美敦力), Abbott Laboratories (US)(Chinese:雅培实验室), Boston Scientific Corporation (US)(Chinese:波士顿科学公司).