Orthogonal completed a pre-Series A funding of millions USD

Technology Author: Violet Chen Aug 07, 2023 12:21 PM (GMT+8)

Shanghai Orthogonal Technology Co., Ltd. (“Orthogona”) recently has announced the completion of millions of USD in pre-Series A funding, investors are Linear Capital, Yunqi Partners and Finewill Capital.


Orthogonal is an intelligent product design tool developer dedicated to providing new professional software and exclusive hardware supporting solutions for future intelligent product design, including shape shaping, behavior design, and human-computer interaction design. Through a brand-new product architecture design, to achieve breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology, help more users create more intelligent products that are more beneficial to humanity.

According to Orthogonal, the core function of the company's platform and the underlying technology of product behavior design comes from the computer language Modelica, which focuses on physical behavior simulation. Modelica is an object-oriented, declarative, multi-domain modeling language for component-oriented modeling of complex systems, and it has been widely used in cutting-edge technology industries such as aerospace, high-speed railways, and automotive energy.

According to Hibor, the intelligent manufacturing software market in China was worth CNY 143.87 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach CNY 320.22 billion by 2026, with a compound growth rate (CAGR) of 17.4%. The characteristics of lightweight, low cost, and easy maintenance have prompted the development of intelligent manufacturing software towards SaaS.

In addition to Orthogona, many companies are competing in the intelligent manufacturing software market, such as Midea Cloud (美云智数), CAXA (数码大方), Hoteam Software (华天软件), GstarCAD (浩辰CAD), Intesim (英特仿真), Tianyu Soft (天喻软件), and Rainfe (瑞风协同).

Han Yi, Executive Director of Yunqi Partners, stated: "Dr. Yang Ji, co-founder of the company, is a top global expert in Modelica technology, with rich project experience and low-level standard writing experience in the field of behavioral simulation. Based on profound industry experience, advanced product design concepts, and a global perspective, the Orthogona team will create an intelligent product design and system simulation platform, which is expected to lower the threshold for intelligent product development and design and empower future advanced manufacturing and product innovation.”

This round of financing for Orthogona was exclusively invested by Linear Capital (线性资本), with follow-on investments from Yunqi Partners (云启资本), and Finewill Capital (风物资本). This round of financing funds will mainly be used to accelerate product development and global commercialization implementation.