Pharmaceutical Machine Vision Company aocheng Nets Tens of Millions in Round A

Healthcare, Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Sep 18, 2023 11:55 AM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that aocheng (Chinese: 奥乘智能), a machine vision inspection company in the pharmaceutical field, has recently closed tens of millions of CNY in round A financing.


Founded in 2019, aocheng's machine vision inspection equipment is used in pharmaceutical production. aocheng's founding team has many years of experience in machine vision, pharmaceutical and other related fields. Currently, aocheng's customers include a number of domestic head pharmaceutical groups and overseas pharmaceutical companies.

Quality inspection is especially critical for the pharmaceutical industry. On the one hand, pharmaceuticals are related to human health, and minor defects may lead to medical errors; on the other hand, under the long-term policy of centralized volume purchasing by public hospitals, the regulation of drug quality traceability has become more stringent. Meanwhile, compared with other production scenarios, pharmaceutical production requires higher speed, precision and reliability.

In this regard, Aocheng adopts unmanned automatic inspection to replace manual inspection, avoiding drug contamination, leakage and misdiagnosis. Combined with the founding team's years of experience in the pharmaceutical production field, aocheng develops machine vision inspection equipment for the actual needs of pharmaceutical production inspection.

Aocheng's fully automatic pharmaceutical inspection equipment can be connected to the pharmaceutical production line to realize unmanned mechanical inspection; a variety of products can be fully automated to identify dozens of defects in the production process of capsules and other pharmaceutical products, to ensure the quality and efficiency of production. Compared with Germany, Japan, Italy and other brands of inspection equipment prices of 4-8 million, Aocheng equipment price is only one-fifth to one-eighth, the detection performance can also reach or exceed the industry's average level.

In the field of pharmaceutical equipment, aocheng believes that the overseas market has more opportunities and space. aocheng has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States (North Carolina), the establishment of the local technology research and development team, in order to provide international pharmaceutical customers with more convenient and faster-localized services, and to facilitate the expansion of the market. aocheng has recently launched a high-speed 7500 capsule inspection equipment, as well as a series of 360-degree tablet inspection equipment, and aocheng is the only one of its kind in the pharmaceutical industry. Aocheng recently launched the high-speed 7500 capsule inspection equipment, as well as a series of 360-degree tablet defect detection equipment, to expand the capsule particle inspection equipment market advantage, to obtain the domestic head of the enterprise batch order, the international customers have also put forward the re-order.

In the future, aocheng plans to increase investment in R&D and innovation, strengthen the application of artificial intelligence technology in machine vision inspection, and add new optical inspection means and methods. In addition, aocheng will cooperate with domestic leading pharmaceutical companies to launch new products for soft capsules and Chinese medicine pill inspection. In terms of market, in addition to vigorously expanding the existing U.S. market, it will also expand to Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.

This round of financing is exclusively invested by XFZ Venture Capital(Chinese: 小饭桌创投), with Gewu Capital(Chinese: 格物资本) as the financial advisor. Proceeds from the financing will be used for product technology research and development and overseas market expansion.