Wuliangye Joins Global Discourse on Green and Low-carbon Efforts

Consumer Staples Author: Di Chen Sep 19, 2023 07:50 PM (GMT+8)

Wuliangye participated in the side event of the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development Goals 2023 as a representative of China's outstanding enterprises.


Sustainable Industrial Innovation, an offsite event of the United Nations 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Summit , took place in New York On September 17. The conference endorsed the "Business in Action - Consensus on Sustainable Industrial Development" declaration and showcased exemplary cases.

"Wuliangye Pioneers Innovative Constructed Wetland Solution in Sustainable Wastewater Treatment While Reviving Biodiversity" was released as an excellent case study of the Consensus Initiative and was recognized by all circles.

As a typical representative of Chinese liquor and a leading enterprise in the industry, Wuliangye presented its core products, including Classic Wuliangye, Eighth Generation Wuliangye, and Wuliangye - Ziqi Donglai, in a booth full of Chinese flavor. During the theme dinner, Wuliangye was the designated wine and earned acclaim from the guests for its mellow taste and excellent quality.

In line with the "five-in-one" development strategy, Wuliangye has achieved the profound integration of its own growth, ecological conservation, and long-term industrial outlook, thereby advancing the high-caliber and sustainable expansion of the industry.

Firstly, Wuliangye, with its high standard of producing fine wines, promotes energy efficiency, pollution reduction, and carbon reduction through the implementation of green manufacturing and optimization of energy usage. Wuliangye is dedicated to protecting the water quality of the Yangtze River.

Secondly, Wuliangye integrates the concept of sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of its products. It establishes a low-carbon recycling model that covers the whole supply chain, as well as production, manufacturing, and marketing. The company leads the industry in creating a greenhouse gas emission management system and continues to construct eco-parks and products to promote ecological production.

In addition, Wuliangye has seamlessly integrated its zero-carbon objective with its business growth strategy. It introduced the "ecological cycle" concept in 2015 and announced it to be a "zero-carbon" enterprise in 2021. Wuliangye has created a range of solutions to assist the liquor industry in pursuing ecological development while enhancing its own green and low-carbon growth.