Hengrui's MSCI ESG Rating Upgraded to A

Healthcare Author: Di Chen Oct 08, 2023 12:28 PM (GMT+8)

Hengrui, as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in innovation, has achieved continuous improvement in its MSCI ESG rating to "A" level, placing it at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry in China.


According to the latest annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings released by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), an internationally recognized index institution. The improvement in the MSCI ESG rating is attributed to the Hengrui's excellent performance in areas such as benefiting patient health, green sustainable development, employee welfare, and social responsibility.

In terms of technological innovation, Hengrui has invested over CNY 30 billion in research and development over the past decade, ranking among the top in China's pharmaceutical industry. The company has established 14 research and development centers globally in cities including Lianyungang, Shanghai, the United States, and Europe, with a global research and development team of over 5,000 people. In addition to its continued focus on oncology, the company has expanded its presence in areas such as autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, enriching its portfolio of innovative drugs. Currently, Hengruihas obtained approvals for 13 independently developed Category 1 innovative drugs, one independently developed Category 2 improved new drug, and two innovative drugs introduced through collaboration, all of which are listed for domestic sales. Moreover, over 80 independently developed innovative products are undergoing clinical development, with more than 270 clinical trials conducted domestically and internationally, solidifying the company's leading position in the industry.

Regarding product quality and safety, Hengrui continuously enhances end-to-end control from research and development to product launch. All of the company's production lines have received GMP certification, and it has established internationally standardized production workshops. The control of exported products meets or exceeds EU and U.S. Pharmacopeia standards. Additionally, the company has implemented a comprehensive safety production management system, conducting comprehensive inspections and addressing weaknesses and potential hazards.

In terms of environmental protection, the company adheres to a green and low-carbon development philosophy, continuously improving its environmental governance capabilities. It has established a top-down environmental management framework to ensure the effective implementation of the EHS management system. Since 2018, the company has invited the China Quality Certification Center to conduct environmental data analysis and accounting, calculating annual carbon dioxide emissions and exploring pathways to carbon neutrality. It also strictly manages emissions of exhaust gases, wastewater, and solid waste disposal to ensure that various pollutants meet emission standards after effective treatment.

In corporate governance, Hengrui consistently respects the value of talent. The company continues to advance talent development through innovation and international talent layout. It has launched talent cultivation programs such as the "Hengxing Program" for college recruits and continues to promote employee incentive programs to enable talent to realize their self-worth and grow together with the company. The company adheres to lawful and compliant operations and has established the Compliance Management Committee, with its office responsible for organizing, coordinating, and supervising the company's compliance management work. It provides guidance, supervision, and assessment of compliance management work in various departments and subsidiaries.

In terms of social responsibility, Hengrui has cumulatively invested over CNY 100 million in charitable donations in recent years. In April 2023, the company initiated the "Healthy China Journey" charity project with public welfare support, aiming to promote the development of medical and health services in areas along the Long March route and strengthen the sharing of high-quality medical resources.

In the future, Hengrui will continue to uphold the concept of sustainable development, considering social responsibility as an important part of corporate development. It will continually improve its ESG management system, enhance ESG governance levels, and strive to achieve better ESG performance.