NIO Capital Completes Second Phase CNY Fundraising

Financials Author: EqualOcean News, Jiahui Liao Editor: Yiru Qian Feb 07, 2024 06:12 PM (GMT+8)

NIO Capital has completed the fundraising of over CNY 3 billion for the second phase, with the total management scale reaching CNY 15 billion.


NIO Capital, a market-based private equity investment institution, has recently concluded the fundraising for the second phase CNY fund, with a total scale exceeding CNY 3 billion.

The fund continues to focus on investments in the new energy vehicle industry ecosystem, energy technology, energy transition, and technological innovation, with a particular emphasis on investment layout in areas such as transportation transformation, smart industry, and smart living.

Currently, projects invested in by NIO Capital include CATL (300750:SZ), Ronbay(688005:SH), United Winners(688518:SH), Tuhu Car Care (9690:HK), Momenta, Inceptio,, Seyond, Black Sesame, and Cixtech.

Notably, the fundraising for this second phase CNY fund has been ongoing for quite some time. In March last year, while announcing the closure of a 400 million USD second phase fund, NIO Capital also stated the completion of the first closure of the second phase CNY fund. However, at that time, NIO Capital did not disclose the fundraising scale of the fund, only indicating a focus on growth and mature stage projects.

This might be related to the changes in the Limited Partner (LP) composition of its second phase CNY fund. The LPs of NIO Capital's second phase CNY fund include local government-guided funds with extensive layouts in the new energy vehicle and components sectors, national-level funds, family offices, and listed companies. The first phase CNY fund was jointly established by NIO Inc., Hillhouse Capital, Hongshan Capital, and Yangtze River Industrial Fund.

Yan Zhu, Managing Partner of NIO Capital, stated, "We are delighted that the CNY second phase fund of NIO Capital has successfully completed its fundraising. We are grateful for the trust and support from our investors. After more than a decade of development, the intelligent electric vehicle and new energy industry have entered a new stage. The product strength and iteration speed of Chinese enterprises are at the forefront of the world. We are excited about the transformative potential of innovative technology for the automotive and energy industries. Standing at the forefront of global opportunities, NIO Capital will continue to support outstanding entrepreneurs in driving technological innovation and sustainable development, and shine on both domestic and international stages."

Since its establishment in 2016, NIO Capital has raised a total of five funds, including three USD funds and two CNY funds, with a total management scale of CNY 15 billion. As of now, among the 20 invested enterprises in the first phase CNY fund, five are listed or about to be listed companies.

NIO Capital's mission is "to invest in innovation, enabling the continuation and progress of humanity." It continues to focus on low-carbon and digital technology and model innovation, with a particular emphasis on sustainable investment in the fields of smart transportation, new energy, and technological innovation, collaborating with enterprises in various fields to promote the industry's low-carbon transformation and sustainable development process.